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  • New to MIVE and to VW

    Hello all,

    I'm a brand new VW owner. I drove my 2018 Golf R home Saturday, April 28. It's my first VW (and first German car). I've owned Fords and Mazdas, and have been a Mazda fan since about 2005 when I bought my first Mazda, the 2005 Mazda3. Before the R, my daily driver was my 2014 Mazda3 hatchback (which I still drive occasionally while my son gets his full license), and for 9 years I had a 2009 RX-8 which I really loved. Sadly, I decided to sell the RX-8 when I bought the R. I would have liked to have kept the RX-8, but my son's getting the 3, and we don't have the garage and driveway space for four cars. A Facebook friend wanted the RX-8 for his performance shop, and he hooked me up with my new R from The Autobarn in Evanston, IL. At least the RX-8 went to a great home at Greenwood Motorsports & Wagons.

    I'm loving my R so far, and I'm beginning to get why people love VWs. It has so many neat convenience features, and, of course, it's a blast to drive. For this DD, I wanted something properly fast. I haven't owned a fast car (in a straight line, anyway--the RX-8 was plenty fast on curvy roads and tracks) since my 2001 Focus ZX3 that was heavily modified with a 13psi supercharger with water/methanol injection and a full exhaust. Right now, with the exception of the Racingline paddle shifters and some OBDeleven tweaks, the R is stock. It'll stay that way for the most part until the 72,000-mile warranty expires. For me, that'll be about two years.

    I'm looking forward to getting together with VW people. I hang out with Mazda owners at the Mazda Owners' Corrals at Mid-Ohio and Road America IMSA races (and have been doing so for 9 years).

    Here's a link to my public Google photo album of my R:

    2018 VW Golf R (Tornado Red w/DSG)
    2014 Mazda3 hatchback (Soul Red, soon to be my son's car)
    2013 Lincoln MKX (wife's car)

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    Nice ride, and welcome to the VW life :-) ... I'm still new to the GR area MIVE, but I've been on VWs for a while now. This seems like a friendly group, so I think you'll be quite happy here.


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      Nice R! Shes a beauty and I love the wheels.

      Hopefully Ill see you around at some shows. Eurohangar is a big vw show in Holland, Mi in June. You should stop by! Tons of local VW guys and even non local.
      1.8T: Euro R32 DSG Intake, Forge008 DV, Tacotaco SMIC, "Ultimate Delete" minus EVAP, USP 3" DP w/ HF cat, MF Catback

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