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  • "out of the wood-works"

    Okayokay.. I know I haven't been around posting on MiVE in quite some time.. like YEARS! how old is this club anyways? ;)

    I'm still alive, I still live on an island, and I'm vw/audi-less for the first time EVER! Picked up Jill's demo car a few months go, A Subaru Forester with some goodies & she named him Walter.

    This is Walter:

    vid from the SCCA solo event last weekend:

    Cobb: Stage 2[turbo ->back exhaust, engine management w/ AccessPort ~300 crank hp @ 93oct], rear sway-bar, springs w/ wrx struts.
    Rally Armor: flaps & skid-plate
    OZ: 17" Prodrive wheels
    STI: front lip

    I sold my audi 90 to a friend on island went with my first ever non-vwag vehicle. This subie doesn't have the build quality I'm use to but I can't help but smile every time i start this thing up.. it's like a big, rumbly go-kart! I plan on doing lost of SCCA solo events coming up as it's the only legal form of racing they have on island. Lots of nice cars, and skilled drivers out here. They take it more serious out here than when we use to run these in Michigan.. I just go out to drive and beat mustangs :D

    So hello to ALL the new members out here and a BIG ALOHA to my old friends. Maybe I'll start a project thread and keep you up to date on Walter's status.

    I'll be home for my brothers wedding this spring. Can't WAIT!!!

    (^for old time sakes ;) )
    Subaru Forester STi Stage 3

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    That is a badass subby.


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      nice whip Greg
      -Nick V-
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        Sweeeet ride ya' got there Greg. Nice.
        1984 Jetta GLI (SOLD)
        1992 VW Passat 2.0L 16V (SOLD)
        1991 VW GTI (SOLD)
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          I was service manager at Subaru here in G'R. for years, I never had a "demo" like that. What does Jill do to get that for a demo?
          I feel a lot more like I do right now than I did when I got here.
          1975 Scirocco / 2002 Forester / 1987 Cabby "Project Vertigloo"


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            Awesome! Glad your doing well :)
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            2012 Tiguan SEL 4Motion, Failure--Rollin on 20's


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              Thanks for dropping a line stranger. We miss ya' back home. Keep rockin' son.
              Ben Zeeuw
              1981 Rabbit Racer
              1998 Audi Avant Grocery Getter


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                it always creeps me out when people refer to cars as HE...

                alas. Nice to see you doing well. and I dig the car
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                  Originally posted by SCIROCCO75 View Post
                  I was service manager at Subaru here in G'R. for years, I never had a "demo" like that. What does Jill do to get that for a demo?
                  She "had" to marry the owners son.

                  Good to hear from you greggor. Hope everything is going well out there.
                  Bad decisions make excellent stories.



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                    That's awesome..glad to hear from you!
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                      very nice...those are just plain fun to ride in...
                      2000 Audi S4
                      slightly modified


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                        yo dude
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                          WHAT'S UP EVERYONE!!!!

                          Things are going really well for me out here. Lots of surf, hiking, traveling around, and meeting interesting people from all walks of life. Lans and Ally came out last year for while, and I was hope for like a day this past summer and met up with some of the GR MiVE crew! In searching through the projects forum I'm glad to see Michigan is still keeping it old school! :D

                          I'm really looking forward to my visit this spring for a week or so.

                          Mele Kalikimaka!!!!!
                          Subaru Forester STi Stage 3


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                            Hi Greg,
                            Glad to hear your doing well.
                            91 Jetta 16v
                            78 Transporter
                            I have a fender roller. Contact me if you'd like to rent it.


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                              Sounds killer. I love the sound of tuned subbies
                              A big Ford 4x4, a Deeeeezle BMW and a air cooled flat six
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