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'92 Corrado SLC Oettinger

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  • '92 Corrado SLC Oettinger

    Living in Oakland County. Raven referred me, we chatted a bit on VWvortex.

    I'll admit it upfront. I'm going to need your help keeping the Corrado going for many years. My son is 11 and he's not going to let me sell this thing. Hopefully he and I can get our hands dirty fixing stuff so he doesn't just know how to play video games when he ages. I've really never done much car work myself, so please excuse me if I ask a bunch of dumb questions.

    I had a "90 Corrado G60 back in 1994. So after ~20 years its good to have a Corrado again. '92 SLC black/tan leather, 45k original miles with Oettinger engine mods and body kit. Other mods as well. The sunroof won't close, driver door lock mech. , and needs a new stereo/speakers dry rotted, and new tires (215/40 17"). minor stuff like that, but have to take it slow. Storing for the winter.

    This is what it kind of looks & sounds:

    Not sure how to load a photo, probably need Flickr or something.

    Have a good one. JD

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    Sounds like the one that used to be on the west side..pictures!
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      Steve O was the 13,000 post!
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        Welcome to MIVE.

        You will need something like Flickr to post pictures. Best of luck ahead, and let us know how/if we can help.
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          Originally posted by corrado-correr View Post
          Welcome to MIVE.

          You will need something like Flickr to post pictures. Best of luck ahead, and let us know how/if we can help.


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            Trying to post the pics

            From below post, thanks JB.
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              When in Flickr, right click on the image you'd like to post and click "View all sizes", click on the size you'd like to see, right click again and "Copy image", co back to your MIVE thread/post and right click "Paste"...
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                Very nice there are quite a few rado owners on here to include myself.

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                  Holy clean batman! Awesome!
                  Gekauft nicht gebaut!


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                    Wow that thing looks great. Way to keep it clean.
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                      Super sharp!
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                        Cool car
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                            Thanks. It's pretty much the condition i bought it in. Need to do some stuff to it to make it feel like it's mine.


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                              Very nice...not a rado guy, but that's clean