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    Hello group,

    My name is Bryan I just joined this group and first time being part of any group. I would like to say I have been a vw fan since I could drive. I had a 1999 vw Jetta. 2006 vw Passat 2.0t, Audi A4 Quattro and the newest one I got recently is a 2013 vw cc lux vr6 3.6 L. Love the power. I also have questions about going to a track day. Would it be worth it , am I allowed to go stock, would I be blown of the track? Would it be harmful to the car? I have never done anything like this, a buddy of mine does track days with his motor cycle and he says its a blast. I do not have a bike so I thought I could try it with my car. Any information would be greatly appreciated and any safe tuning ideas would be awesome too.

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the group Bryan. I love the look of those CCs.

    Track days are about as much fun as you can legally have in one day. To answer your questions:
    1. Would it be worth it? - Oh yes
    2. Am I allowed to go stock? - Absolutley! As long as your car is safe and in good working order you can take it out on the track. You will want to be sure all your maintenance is up date. You might consider a set of slightly more aggressive brake pads and a brake fluid flush. I have taken a couple of stock vehicles on the track and found the biggest issue was brakes fading over time.
    3. Would I be blown off the track? - Nope, there is a beginner class that you would fit right into. There are people of many different skill levels.
    4. Would it be harmful to the car? - um... sort of. You are going to be pushing the car much harder than you would on the street. That means the brakes, tires and other components are going to be under much more stress. If anything is already on its last leg this could push it over the edge. For the most part it will be fine though.
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      Nice..check out the MIVE track day - more details coming soon!
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        Thank you Zeeuwvw,
        The car i would use is my 2013 cc 3.6 i will be getting upgraded pads and rotors and tires before i go. I dont think anything would be on its last leg, it was a certified used and i got it like 8 months ago. Would there be somethings or a place where i could take it to get it looked over to be prep for the day? I'm sorry for the noob questions extremly new to this whole thing. It is my daily driver but i would assume it could handle a couple track days? Any input would be appreciated. Thank you
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          I would think you'd be ok then.

          You can get a track inspection at just about any good shop. However, I don't know any in your area. There is Steve's European in Waterford or German Auto Service in Grand Rapids if you don't mind traveling.
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            Welcome bcostello!
            Be sure to check out the track day thread here: http://michiganvw.org/forum/showthre...nday-June-20th
            It will be a great intro for you I'd think. Everything you'd need to know should be in the registration packet.
            definitely plan to burn through a pair of brake pads, and possibly a set of tires. depending on how you drive and your car, you can eat through those wearable items pretty quick.
            You can take it to a shop like German Auto Service in Grand Rapids or Steve's European Automotive in Waterford to get checked out for piece of mind. Being a new car, chances are you won't need to worry about anything.
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