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What can you guys tell me about Furrin Group?

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  • What can you guys tell me about Furrin Group?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking to get back into autocross this summer once I get my 84 GTI back on the road (STS most likely) and I'm looking for places to run at. I'm in a pretty good location in that I am 45 min. from South Bend, about 1 hr 15 min. from Fort Wayne, and an hour from Kzoo so I have lots of options really. I think rather then lock into one specific SCCA region this summer I might just try and attend a couple events at each and see which group I like the best.

    One group that I'm curious about is the Furrin Group.

    Are they officially affiliated with SCCA or NASA?

    If not, do they use the rule book and car classifications for either group?

    Does it seem like a well run group?

    How many cars do they average for events?

    Any feedback is appreciated!
    84 Rabbit GTI

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    I'll let the west siders answer definitively but the couple of times ive run with the Furrin Group has been awesome. SCCA rules/classes. Typically run on time and get a lot more runs than the Detroit region.

    In general the group seems like they're out to have fun which is a good thing in my opinion.
    Your friend Raven
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      Furrin group has been around for decades. From my experience they are a well organized group and super nice to deal with.

      I've never competed seriously so I'm not sure how they fit into the grand scheme of things.
      Ben Zeeuw
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        Furrin is great. You won't be disapointed. I've been a member and ran with them since early 2000's and always enjoyed it. I've been a little lax making it to events the past couple years due to car setbacks. The group is laid back and all about fun in a lightly spirited competitive way. Most everyone are there to have fun first. The group is very willing to help anybody new also. Try them out for yourself a couple times and see if they fit what you are looking for. Car classes typically follow scca classes. If you have questions about Furrin, pm me and I'll give you Curt's email at Furrin to inquire. Good luck