Though we like to keep things light and "breezy" around the boards, unfortunately, we find it necessary to tighten the reigns a bit.
We're now going to institute a stricter policy with members.
No longer will it be "stop doing it" or "no no"..

Offenses will now be met with the following:
1st occurrence: Warning
2nd occurrence: 2 week ban
3rd occurrence: 3 month ban
If the problem exists after a member has returned, that member will be banned permanently.

Remember, we've become a large group. With that means many different attitudes, shows of emotion and different styles.
Sometimes what you convey on the internet may not be taken as it was intended. Play nice or go play somewhere else.
Don't like someone? Ignore them.
Don't like a topic? Don't read it.

This doesn't mean you can't disagree or state your own opinion. This means that we ask you to do it in a dignified manor. "You're a damned idiot, you friggin asswipe" won't work. "I disagree with you because _______ " will work. (Obviously you don't have to use that wording)..

We welcome your comments or suggestions.
Please feel free to email any of the admin/mods with questions/comments.
Also, don't forget about the Ballot Box forum! That forum was made so that everyone had a say, a vote, a place to get on their soapbox.