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Is anyone located around St. Joseph Co?

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  • Is anyone located around St. Joseph Co?

    Hey all, I've got a little favor. I am trying to get ahold of the dude that has my 72 Super Beetle, and haven't been able to reach him on the phone for the past year. If someone is around the St. Joe area that would be able to check out my car, that would be awesome. I've asked family for help, but they seem to be to busy. I want to get the car back on the road and on it's way out here to Washington, but I have no idea of it's current condition. It was supposed to be painted and reassembled like three years ago, but the dude kept giving me excuses. If anyone could give me a hand, I will PM you the address.

    Thanks in advance.

    ninja edit: This is the last photo I have of my car. She was supposed to be done a few years ago, and I really want to get her out here so I can start working on her again.

    1999 Isuzu Rodeo
    2011 Mini Cooper S
    1972 Super Beetle