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Vast dead and gone??

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  • Vast dead and gone??

    The vast site is down and just mentions core returns at their old address. There seems to be some sort of rename to Motor City Euros going on and listing their addrsss at Grayson in Ferndale.

    Any east siders have the story as to what is going on?
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    All i know is, see Motor City Euros for all of your previous Vast needs. Same (some of?) awesome dudes, new name.
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      Not sure of any other changes in the business but theyre now motor city euros, Says so on my motorstadt shirt :D


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        They did some re-organizing recently which included the name change to Motor City European.
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          Motor City Euro just closed their doors a week or two ago due to no business. Just FYI


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            Wow! Not more than a month ago he was looking for a tech!
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                Vast certainly has put out some serious motors and great work, and it is sad to see their demise.

                That being said, the past year or two has been a disaster for them. Their service and customer support was pretty horrid and i have a few friends that have some not so nice things to say on VAST's behalf. They got too into their work that they were overcharging people like hell, and if you weren't spending at least 10k (a random number out of a bag, but i mean "a lot"), or a good friend or serious customer in the past, then you were pretty much treated like a second rate customer that got dicked around on completion time and extra random costs throughout the build that eventually got you to that 10k mark. They kinda dug their own grave on this one.

                Just another example of a Business with great opportunities, but piss poor management.