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    So here we go.....

    so back in February I woke up one day and started texting my friend. The subject was of my recent desire to start looking at new cars. My Focus st was 5 years old and I had done most everything I could do without starting to be a little silly. It was front wheel drive after all. My budy (Jon) sent me a picture of an Audi S5 that was CPO and pretty much right what I was looking for. It happened to be in Rochester and my buddy (Jon) also happened to be going that way. Long story short I ended up with this.......

    I feel like this is a step up from my school boy racer days. While the focus was quite quick and a blast to drive, this car is an absolute thrill. It?s also full of potential. I waisted no time planing my next step. Fortunately ECS is producing some great products. One of them is an intake for this car which is quite nice to look at, induces a loud supercharger whine, and seems to add a couple HP points in the old butt dyno. Check it out, they did a great job designing it. Never mind the dirty engine bay I haven?t detailed it yet.

    Not long after I picked up this monster truck I thought about ways to lower it to a reasonable height. I was originally thinking coilovers but after talking to my buddy (Jon), I elected to purchase a set of bags he had for sale. The other day I worked on getting a few things installed. First was mounting the tank. I like air ride but I want it to look normalish when you look in my trunk. Thus I mounted it to the top of my trunck. Ps, is a pain in the butt

    Space is a premium and loud noises annoy me so I wanted to find a location to mount the compressor that wouldn?t showcase its volume. I also wanted to retain my spare tire and I found that if I made a bracket I would be able to mount it under the spare. This also makes wiring easy. I welded a piece of steel to the factory battery bracket.it connects to the compressor and seems to keep it pretty solid. Don?t worry about the slag. I found a beat up Allen key to knock the rest off. Using flux sucks.

    Here it is all set up

    I have some lines to run and I?ll be ready to throw it all together.

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    Focus ST- despite what Jake says......project

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    I also scooped up a set of wheels. I was originally looking at a set of BLQ’s. Only problem is they don’t make BLQ’s any longer in a 10” wide wheel. After informing me of the news wheel warehouse hooked me up with a set of TSW’s. This is probably better anyway as they are forged.

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    Focus ST- despite what Jake says......project


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      Hey it's me (Jon). I like white cars. Looking forward to seeing the progress. Much better than that last build thread, but I doubt this is that much of a "project."
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        Nice progress thread. Don't make me upload photos of a real project lol. Let me guess on this one...tune, wheels, maybe bags/coils andddddd DONE. Hah. Maintenance doesn't count as a project btw.
        It's still a progress thread no matter what you say. ;)
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          Nice buy. Let's see it sitting low.
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            Originally posted by zeeuwvw View Post
            Nice buy. Let's see it sitting low.
            Shoulda gone to Motorstadt
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