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  • My First mk1

    Hi! On May 14th I purchased a one way ticket to White Bluff, TN to pick up 1983 Rabbit 2 dr NA diesel. Saw some pictures of it that the guy texted me, looked pretty solid for what he was asking. It also came with an engine rebuild kit, so i figured, what could go wrong? It had a stupid exhaust on it, but otherwise solid.

    This was the photo in the ad

    This was right when I showed up to pick it up

    This is after I drove it to the AirBnB, it was a fun drive getting to know her.

    I had a LONG drive ahead of me.

    My first stop to make sure the fuel gauge was working. I think it averaged 46mpg

    After I got her home! Cleaned it up a bit, and realized it was leaking A LOT of fluid

    First up was a head gasket replacement.

    And brakes

    And making it shift better.

    Current situation is complete engine rebuild. I will continue to post pictures as i get closer to completion.

    Transmission cleaned up nicely.

    I can't wait to drive this cool little Rabbit again!

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    That exhaust! haha Guess i don't remember seeing that

    Love it overall :)
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      Cool..can't beat a dzl rabbit!
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        Got her going! https://youtu.be/7bTjtOTWZC0


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          This I like. Just in time for the warm weather.
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            Awesome..love the deezle!
            '93steVoR6 : '92SLd : '90g6d : '58 gypsi : '59scab : '60dlx
            >> VAG-COM & Tow Dolly For Rent <<
            Parting Out: MK3s, Passats & Corrados