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  • A few VW's and some patience...maybe...

    Since MIVE is back I guess I will create another build thread (this first post might be long). My last thread was on my 95 Honda Civic track car. Well as time changes people change so I decided to walk away from tracking temporarily to assess my personal situation. With that move I parted ways with the Civic in December getting around my asking price for it. Being the car guy that I am I put my attention on my daily driver, my 2014 Touareg.

    I been using the Touareg to tow the civic to track and it has been a trooper (even with the VR6 motor). Before I sold the Civic, I purchased a trailer so that I could stop renting Uhauls and dealing with the sometimes-inconvenient workers at those facilities. Thankfully the Touareg already had the wiring for a trailer brake, I just needed to make a harness and install a brake controller. Also note I installed R-line pedal covers.

    Tucks nicely out of the way and still visible/accessible while driving.

    During my last track/gridlife event I manage to get a small tear in my rear seat from carrying tools and parts. Instead of repairing the tear (this will eventually happen) I opted for a rear cover. VW had a factory option which still allow the seat belts to work. I don't have a lot of passengers to worry about either though.

    I picked up a new set of tires before the snow came in fall of 19 and went with 265/06-18 Falken Wildpeaks. This gave me an AT tire without needed to lift or worry about rubbing. The increase size does impact the MPG slightly and throws off the speedo a hair. But they look good on the vehicle.

    I looked for an R-line front bumper since it had an added lip that was a bit more aggressive however I could not find one reasonably close or reasonably priced. Most were out of the country and would need to be painted which put the price far off from what I was willing to pay. In my searched I stumbled on a factory lip option (not for U.S. models) that fit the Touareg. There was even knock-off version on eBay (for 2015 and up which have a slightly different facia) which I thought about fitting. Ultimately, I decided factory would fit best and called my local dealer to see if they could get one. Lucky they found one in Canada and had it to me in 2 days. Still pricey for just a lip (skid plate is what they technically cay it, but it's ABS plastic so go figure) but it should change the looks slightly. It's also 4 pieces and the eBay knock off is one molded piece with some weird brackets.

    Installed Spring 2020, also put on factory splash guards due to the tread on the tires.

    Sums up the Touareg for now, may get some more "overland" stuff for it. After I sold the Civic, I did not want another car. Well I did but could get what I really wanted at the time. And like everything I got a wild hair up my ass after browsing social media and thought I wanted another MK4. With no intention of buying I went on craigslist to see what was out there and came across a 2002 Golf 4-door, 2.0 Auto with bad transmission (ran) for under $800.00. So, I grabbed cash, hooked up the trailer and went to look at it. It was rough around the edges but I decided to buy it and fix it up.

    This is a month after selling the Civic so Jan 2020.

    Original plan was to fix the auto (didn't shift right and at first glance had some badly fix wires and possible crap TCU) throw some cheap coils on it. Find cheap wheels (all on eBay) slam the crap out of it and just enjoy having a low car. After doing some reading and closer inspecting I decided trying to fix the auto wasn't worth it and planned to do a manual swap.

    I found a car at the local pick and pull that was a 2.0 manual so I went to work grabbing what I could. Shifter, Trans w/axles, clutch and brake pedals, subframe, coolant pipes, ECU and gauge cluster.

    The car had been sitting longer than I was told and it had a few more issues also, but I was all in on getting this running. I pulled out the auto trans, subframe and whole front suspension with the intention of replacing all the bushing and the wheel bearings. I also replaced the motor mounts and purchased the flywheel and clutch. Most of the parts come from rockauto.com and I am going on the cheaper side of things as this is never intended to be anything but a daily driver.

    Clearing space for new stuff. I put on a new master clutch cylinder and install the brake and clutch pedal (swapping the brake pedal was a complete pain in the ass). Remaining front end came off as I discovered a leak in the radiator so it needs replacing.

    Installed the flywheel and clutch.

    Got the new rad and coolant ball.

    Installed the transmission and motor mounts (nothing is 100% torqued just in case it needs to come off).

    Just got the new timing belt and water pump in today, and worked on the wiring to accept the clutch pedal switches......but as life would have it my attention on this car has been greatly impacted.

    I made a few posts on Instagram about the Golf and received a message on a car that I thought about purchasing, just did not really have the means to do so. So, a quick back and forth and I once again grabbed some cash hooked up the trailer and ventured out to Alabama the weekend right before more state governments started shutting down.

    Welcome back to MI Trrrunk...

    Ever since Mike made mention of selling it, I always wanted to buy it back, just never in the position too. Not much of a position these days either given the circumstance...but follow your dreams right. Nothing major will happen with the car since it has been built by Mike but it will receive some maintenance and finalizing of things like the interior (car is sans headliner and aluminum trim) and other bits. No shaved bay this time or air ride (even though I think about it). I want to just enjoy the car and drive it often in the summer, so problem free is what I want.

    The first thing I did was strip the wheels. The green was just too bright for me and I like silvers wheels on 95% of cars. Still some remnants of green but over time I will get it all. (Pro tip: Brake cleaner works wonders on removing stubborn platidip.

    Next was the engine bay. As I said no shaved bay so I want to get as many stock pieces in as I can. So, I redid the holes to the battery tray to mount the cover better and to give relief to the coolant hose as the battery was right against it.

    Rivnuts in. And a quick bracket for the FCM.

    And I moved the coolant ball mount up and inch and added another bracket for stability.

    Aftermath of both adjustments. The battery box was trimmed to fit, but from above it's hard to tell.

    I installed the cupra lip Mike provided.

    I put in the washer reservoir also. This one is leaky so it will need to be replaced.

    The car was losing brake fluid and I was able to track the leak down to the clutch master cylinder. So, I ordered another one and some other pieces as well.

    A black washer cap and he 5/16 aluminum tube was used to make an evap hardline to better fit the reservoir.

    Clutch master was installed and bled (which sucked doing)

    Billet hood pull for some bling.

    ECS then had a sale on the engine cover (or one part of it) so I got that.

    So, there we are...wheel spacer came this week for the Jetta and will go in and I will continue getting the Golf swapped and running. Once done though it will be given to my oldest daughter. Bushing are pressed in and it will get new wheel bearing and exhaust, but it will remain factory height and no cool wheels. As for the Jetta,
    some coilovers at some point and change the color. Not sure how, I would like to paint it but that costs to have it done right. Vinyl wrap and Plastidip are a lower cost option so we will see. Still piecing the interior together and getting the engine bay back to as stock. So, more work to come....sorry about the lengthy post and word spacing.

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    Glad to see you back on here! Look forward to seeing that car randomly around here!
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      Thanks Jon, I have been driving it as much as I can with the current conditions of the world and when I don't have the need for the larger Touareg.

      I did manage to move farther on the Golf.

      Installed a new timing belt, water pump, tensioner and replacement tins to cover the belt.

      I got the front end together, axles in and most of the accessories in as well.

      I still need a few parts and am working on getting the exhaust manifold ready to be put on. But it's full of fluids and almost ready to fire and see if this thing works.

      I picked up a heap of parts for the Jetta also. First was 20mm spacers for the rear to get a more flush appearance.

      Ran to our local pull and save and got to taking what I needed from a 2004 Jetta they had.

      Managed to get all the pillars, lights, handles and sun visors in grey. Candy cane tail lights, (glove box for the Golf) aluminum hood and trunk struts.

      Then went back for the headliner which is in terrible condition.

      The headliner will be taken to an interior shop next week to get covered. I decided to just replace the few black (R32 interior) bits with grey since I was able to obtain them at a lower price. Plus I can sell the pieces I have and come out on top.

      The car has 986 (Boxster) 4 piston brakes up front with Audi TT 312 rotors. Which is a great brake setup, but I opted to piece together another set of big brakes for the front and back. Even though this car may not see the track or if it does very seldom, I think I just am going to like the way this looks when I get it together.

      Starting with Touareg/Cayenne 4 piston rears and the 17z 6 piston fronts.

      I cleaned them up got a few coats of silver paint and clear on them and of course Porsche stickers for max effect.

      I still need to buy the bracket for the fronts and to step the rotors back up to 334 mm which is stock MK4 R32 size. The rears require the 312 rotors I have in the front along with dual caliper bracket from Rizpiz Designs which I also need to buy. Brakes will require a front spacer also for the Aristos and won't go on until the fall when I can work out getting the parts.

      So more to come, thanks for looking.
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        HUGE STOPPIES! Love it..
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          Picked up a full GLI Interior trim on ebay. Seller sent the wrong goods originally (sent 20th interior) and got it sorted eventually. Also had to pick up the Climatic surround from another seller in Latvia separately. Being an out of country purchase in Covid time I expected a few months but came in just about 4 weeks.

          Parts installed

          I need a radio install kit to close the gap with the aftermarket double din.

          I got the headliner refinished. It is not perfect, the shop that did it did a really good job. But I got smudges on it while installing the pieces. If I was thinking ahead I would have had all the trim done in the new material VW is using rather than what cam in the MK4's.

          Interior is almost wrapped up. Just want some new mats (monster mats), remove the soft touch from the center console and a few odds and ends but nothing that changes the current look. I plan to send the Cluster to have the information board swapped to a full color board. I'd like to get the seats redone but need to save some pennies first.

          I picked up an ECS Tuning Intake and the final piece to the engine cover again from a company in Latvia (OEM parts, cheaper just shipping time)

          I also swapped the Porsche Oil and Coolant caps from my Touareg to this car.

          Made a quick bracket for the Ambient temp sensor and you can see where the filer resides now.

          The bay is pretty much done aesthetically. I want to replace some of the coolant pieces with their aluminum counter parts but once again nothing should change. Unless someone has a Audi S3 Coolant cover, I am searching for one of those.

          No real big plans for the car. Big brakes are on hold or may be for sales. I think I am content with the 986 brakes on it now. Just some coil-overs, wrap, new side skirts and lip kit and it would be complete-ish

          Thanks for looking

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            90 Audi Coupe Quattro 20vt
            08 VW Touareg - VR6


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              Small update for the crickets...

              Painted the 486 calipers red using a brush on kit. Not to bad, just don't look at the back of the caliper.

              Pulled the fender liners and weather plastics and gave them a good clean.

              Since the weather is changing moved the Golf out of the garage and move the Jetta over to begin pulling the motor for an LS swap.

              In reality just pulling parts to fit some replacements. Spotted a small coolant leak so opted for a cast Eurowise coolant flange and coolant pipe.

              Going to focus on some maintenance stuff this winter I order a new AC Condenser and AC Dryer as the one on the car had some damage and a broken hose to the dryer. The Power Steering pump need replacing, seems to be leaking through the seal by the pulley. Replace some bushings and seals, get some new headlights and other bits.

              Until then here it sits.

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                Cool..keep it up!
                '93steVoR6 : '92SLd : '90g6d : '58 gypsi : '59scab : '60dlx
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                  Thanks Steve.

                  Small update. I got the coolant flange and pipe in and found some immediate leaks. Nothing a few new o-rings couldn't fix.

                  New AC Condenser showed up and was attached to the Mishimoto Radiator.

                  Once I got it attached I installed the the radiator to the support and found I needed to do some trimming to get it to sit properly. The Mishimoto's have been known to have an ill fit. With trimming you can get it in there but it sit really close to the headlight. With a small washer on the headlight mount is still touches slightly and for my liking.

                  Without running the AUX radiator I was willing to live with it. Then I attempted to connect the lower AC line that sit by the lower coolant hose and it just wasn't going to happen. I could get the AC line connected making small adjustments to the AC line but then it sat on the lower rad hose and that started to leak. So I searched for an alternative and found CSF made an aluminum dual pass radiator also but the hose connections were much slimmer.

                  Looks better and fits a lot better. Still had to adjust the AC line but at least it does not leak. I am going to pillage a AC line from another Mk4. They have 2 style of lower hoses one that is a 90 which I have an then one that angles down then goes to a 90 which may fit better. But the headlight clearance is perfect.

                  Lastly I removed the soft touch crap from the interior bits. Shiny.

                  Next up is to replace the PS pump after the holidays, install a new Haldex Axle seal and more general maintenance.

                  Thanks for looking.

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                    Not a big update for the crickets.

                    Replaced the Power Steering pump.

                    Purchased the pump from ECS and its noted to be the updated pump to fit all motors. The bolts for the pump lined up but the housing was thicker than so it caused the new pump not to fit. I had to grind down a significant amount of the housing to get it to fit. Keeping in mind if I go to far I would ruin the pump. But I took my chances and got it to work.

                    Got some replacement Rad support Emission and Belt stickers.

                    I got Passat power folding mirrors so I am going to attempt to adapt them to the car and get them working. Couple how-to's online that are helpful. I am also getting parts together to run the MK5 R32 oil pan which is shorter and baffled so that will give additional clearance when I eventually lower the car. More to come.
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                      Small update. Added some new parts, nothing to exciting.

                      First did an oil change and changed the spark plugs. Upgrades the oil filter housing and oil drain to magnetic (Car already had a magnetic plug...I should have checked before ordering.)

                      Order the Komfort Module (3 flash turn). My Touareg has this feature so I am always assuming when driving the Jetta and fail to signal properly.

                      Sticking with the OEM+ route I picked up a Passat W8 overhead console. Adds lighting to the sunroof controls and ambient lighting. The ambient lighting is also in my Touareg and I like this little useless feature.

                      Installed a Newsouth Oil pressure gauge in a Modur1 vent pod. Considered a steering column pod but I don't want obstructed views. It all look fairly OEM. Gauge was selected for if/when I change to the shorter MK5 oil pan and pump. Want to make sure pressure is there and I did not mess anything up. Engines are expensive.

                      Picked up some Jetta printed monster mats from my local U-pull on the extreme cheap. Just needed a good cleaning and they are in perfect shape. .:R mats would have been preferred but are hard to find and go for 200+ when they are for sale and do not last long even at that price. So for $5.00 I cannot complain and technically it is a Jetta so it works.

                      I also managed to get the Jetta vent lighting working (difference in the 2004 .:R wiring and Jetta wiring) and added a few more OEM components not pictured. The idea is to continue OEM+ mods so still working on the power folding mirrors. Hopefully more to come soon. Thanks for looking
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                        Got some parts to continue towards a OEM+ update for the car.

                        Picked up some motion detector lights that go in the headliner and a alarm disable switch. This is a feature more common on Euro cars. So I need a new headliner harness from overseas and to have the CCM reprogramed for the alarms.

                        Speaking of CCM, I went back to my local pick and pull yard and took the CCM, door lock modules, window regulators and door wiring harness from a 2002 Jetta. When Mike built the car he used the original 2001 Jetta CCM and repinned the R32 harness to work. There's a difference between a 2001 and 2002+ Jetta/Golf as the earlier models did not rely on Can-bus for the CCM and the 2002+ did. So to get the folding mirrors to work I need to switch it all over. Which my also help with some of the electrical quirks the car has surrounding the central locking and alarm.

                        While I was there pillaging parts from the Jetta I noticed it had the Monsoons amplifier mounted on the rear deck passenger side in a bracket. So I took the bracket and the trunk liners. The Monsoon amp in the R32 is on the drivers side rear with where a CD changer can go. So the liners in the car were cut to accommodate the amp in what would be the R32 stock location. I had to extend the amp wiring and trim the liners but I was able to get them fitted with the Jetta cd changer bracket which fit snuggly due to the R32 rear pan. But all looks stockish.

                        I went back and forth on taking the Monsoon amp out and getting a Stereo that has Apple Car play and adding a sub. The Car had a Boss head unit that was decent in sound the touchscreen was not to my liking. I ultimately I got a RCN 210 which is a Chinese OEM style radio with bluetooth. It was cheap and has decent reviews, so it was installed and sounds nicer than the boss unit I think. Also grabbed a sunglass holder which was OEMish but made in china for cheap.

                        Next is to get more stock/oem parts and continue the build. More to come thanks for looking.
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                          A misjudgment on my part when backing in my trailer expedited the eventual process of removing the Plasti-dip.

                          Currently there are a number of things going on slowly with the car over the winter. The most obvious is the color change. I have decided to wrap the car since it should be cheaper and hopefully easier than paint. Plasti-dip is not an option this time around. Whole the dip that was on it looked good and a majority of it came off relatively easy the smaller parts and crevasses is got into is proving to be a timely annoyance and I dont want to have to go through this process again in the future if I can have it painted. As I am removing the dip finding parts in the paint that need to be taken care of.

                          This is just an example. Both rear fenders are sanded and have 1 coat of primer on the face. And other small parts have been primered. I will go over them with a few more coats of primer sand them and then paint with gloss black paint that is as close to the original paint on the car via rattle can. Plan is to have some gloss laid before the vinyl to make sure the vinyl lays as uniform as possible and to make it easier to work with on the slicker surface.

                          The hood is also getting some attention. There are 2 small low spots that I will add some filler on and prime and paint the hood in the same fashion before vinyl.

                          The rub strips were removed to make laying vinyl on the doors easier. I am tossing back and forth the idea of just welding the holes and smoothing the doors but that may be more work than I want. Car was keyed everywhere back when I originally owned it in 2009/2010 so the paint is in terrible shape.

                          I got a small example of the 3m 2080 vinyl and tried to wrap a simple part to see how it is all going to work out. The color I admit is not as exciting as the color of the dip that was on it (Gas cap is the wrapped part and color I choose). But I like things subtle when it comes to vehicle colors. The vinyl laid easy enough and I could work with it ok.

                          The shade is slightly off but the whole car will be covered in the early spring if all goes right with body work. I need to massage the drivers door some, get a few spots on the trunk and finish removing all of the remaining dip. I have quite a list of things ahead of me and will update as I go along.

                          Also fitted a wheel from a set of old Enkei's I had in the basement. These are not what are going on the car but is is good to loo at options and color choices.

                          Thanks for looking....or not this place is a desert island lol
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                            Small update of the happenings:

                            Got the passat folding mirror motors on the MK4 bases and wring from the mirror sorted.

                            I bought a airless plastic welding kit that included plastic rod. Watched a few youtube videos and repaired the crack in the rear bumper. The bumper is polyurethane so the repair was pretty simple. Clean, sand and groove out the crack. Fill the crack, sand any over filler and then use flexible body filler form Polyvance. It turned out really well, just need to properly prime and then paint so it can be wrapped.

                            Pulled the rain tray braces from a car at the U pull lot. Tried to get some from a dealer but they had to check overseas and never got back to me. So for an hour worth of cutting them out and a small fee these will work.

                            Pulled the wiring, some plastics and items out the bay. Plan is to reweld the coolant brackets and put in an original top bracket, weld in some factory studs for hose and wiring routing and to put in the rain tray brackets.

                            Got the coolant and motor mount brackets removed and rewelded in a closer to factory spot. Test fit some of the plastics going back in and everything clears. Welds look like poo cause my welder is poo and i can't weld well. But it works and will be covered for the most part.

                            Next is to get the rain tray bracket in and work on the other side which is just the bracket. Then I will sand the area down prime and repaint after some seam sealer has been laid. The side skirts and fender have need painted. Fenders will be sanded down to and then repainted with a different type of paint. What I used initially did not lay the way I wanted to. I also started sanding the driver door. There are some small ding that I need to fix (shallow enough for some filler), But I am also checking the U pull yard for good doors to swap which is the preferred but not easy to come by.

                            May be the last post until I finish it.
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                              Update for those still here.

                              Welded in the rain tray strut tower supports.

                              Then covered the important bits than prepped and primed the engine bay.

                              Then after that dried it was painted and cleared. All rattle canned of course.

                              Got a few parts in also. SoloWerks coilovers, an Audi S3 coolant cover, MK5 R32 oil pump and oil pan.

                              Got the pan and pump installed. It raised the pan above the subframe so gives me some peace of mind when lowering the car.

                              Got a door from the local pull and save in black with less damage than the one on the car, but still needed some work. Fenders where painted black for a base and then sanded smooth. Also messing around with the black wheels again.

                              Putting the bay together and test fitting the coolant cover.

                              Kinda skipping ahead. The front end was wrapped and then I worked on the doors. I did a side at a time.

                              Laying the vinyl and making sure I have coverage.

                              "Glassing" out the door before locking it in and trimming.

                              All trimmed and ready to be out back together.

                              Then I applied this technique to the rest of the driver side. And added some matte chrome mirrors to pair with the wheel color and give it the Audi RS look.

                              Took it out for dome glamour shots after wrapping the bumpers.

                              The top of the trunk is red because I ran out of material. I attempted to wrap it and the rear bumper and they both did not come out how I liked due to the curves and edges. This is the first car I ever attempted to wrap and it is not perfect. There are some spots where it's obvious I was having issues getting things to lay right. But for the cost of materials and time I am happy with it for a first time. Learned a few things going through this process and think if I where to do it again it would turn out better. Some of the edges need to be cleaned or I may leave then as they are not seen. Only time will tell how long it lasts but even if it last 2-3 years I will be happy.

                              So final things are to finish the trunk in a few weeks and maybe another set of wheels. Have a friend in the wheel industry and we have been talking. Scrapped updating the door wiring and adding some of those unique OEM+ bits as I was running out of time and just wanted to start driving it. But the update will happen however those unique bits have sold or are being sold. I guess the only thing I really would like is a CAE shifter but we'll see. Thanks for looking updates will come as they happen.
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