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Project Chunky: getting boostagages!

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  • Project Chunky: getting boostagages!

    project pictures

    named after my favorate personal lubricant, Chunky peanut butter...

    so i got this 83 gti from Nick. 2 winters ago... well .. first day out the CV joint fell off.. (crazy) so nick comes out to help since i jsut bought it ( and hes a good guy)

    fiexed that and tuned it up a bit.. and the suspension was wayyyyyy blown out.. so i got Bilstien sports ,re-valved for the 445/335 pnd springs on some group balance coilovers ..

    wooo go-kart!

    then i tore out the inerior... and found a retarded hole in the firewall for some reason and holes in the floors, .. so i decided to fix them... i dont haev pictures finished of the floors, they are not the prettyist , but they are solid as hell, and coverd by carpet.. so thats all that matters...

    then got it all back together and drove it around all summer, had alot of fun, and it was my winter car as well, .. till .... you know .. it actualy snowed, and then it wouldent start....

    after a long time in 0 degree weather , i got some help and found out it was the ignition controll modual.. grrrr..

    after that when it was icy out i noticed the car had a tendency to try and slide sideways everywhare i went... turns out the rear beam was bent, .. i didnt want to deal with rusty break lines and bolts abck there so i took it to steves and they fixed it up for me.. wooo for straight driveing cars!

    by then it was nice out.. and i got a new place and decided i needed to stop burning oil, and start making more power at the same time .. so thats when i got the new donar motor from brian!

    drove the car into my living room!!!1!1111!

    new motor

    nick came over and helped me tear it all out ... damn were strong..

    and it sat for a while while i finished finals and all that crap at school

    along the way i scored some goodies at the yard...

    early westy front end...

    sweet floor mats

    then i had problems getting the crank pully off.. finaly after a 10 foot breaker bar.. and lots of other crap, .. all it needed was a real hadcore impact gun.. and it came off..

    and broke the key..

    geoff gave me a new one.. and i could finaly start to re-do all the seals..

    no pics of that , .. it was boreing anyways.. did all the external seals possible and cleaned it up..

    then i tore off the old dented fenders,

    cleaned up the engine bay from grease and the hole we welded up last winter..

    ( and replaced the stearing rack boot...)

    my freind jon brought over some dollys and it made moving the car around really easy and fun..

    finally, after a lot longer than i expected, because of school and other things, we got the motor together and in the car..

    then .. using TT's adapter kit for the distributor , it took another freaking week to figure out why the intermediate shaft wouldn't turn when installed... well it turns out that the gear that comes with the TT kit.... is a peice of total crap.. . so i got the stock one off the stock aba dist and it worked like a charm..

    then... Monday night.. i got hit in my other car, .. so nick came over and we got it running!!!!!

    woooooooT!!! ,,

    all sore from the accident, and at 1 am the car in my living room with no exhaust roared to life, after messing with some fueling and timing..

    then i took it and put the rest of my exhaust on , and drove it around a bit..

    and just yesterday i finished the front end... i had to make brackets to space out the headlights to fit inside the grill ware they go, but it fits well, and im done for now,

    then i jacked the car up today to see a blown shock..

    grrr... so im probably looking for some koni yellows.. i have heard good things about them, and they should hold up to the springs i have..

    anyways... i woke up .. got pissed at the suspension and cleaned it to see how much more it will leak... but i also washed/waxed the car and went a took a couple pics down the street..

    i think a duckbill and throwing on my euro bumps is in order, but im going to wait... $$$ for the suspension

    heres the finished pics from today...

    ( I deleted or moved the photos in photobucket that were originally linked.. so there is a album link now if you want to see all the pictures)

    project pictures
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    thats freakin sweet, and Im jealous as hell at having a living room you can drive cars in...
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      Originally posted by needavdub
      thats freakin sweet, and Im jealous as hell at having a living room you can drive cars in...
      x2, on both counts...
      -Matt | flickr
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        duck bills are deff the way to go on the rabbit.

        look nice all cleaned up.


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          Lookin' good Cory!


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            are you still gonna park it in the living room?


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              did you run into eminem as he was getting out of work?

              nice looking shots cory, nice to see you got the distro issue figured out. did the spacer you made work?


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                it was the stupid gear that tt gave me with the kit, .. it was supposed to be the same as the aba gear, and it turns out it was junktastic..

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                  its my favorite lube too! but dont forget the margarita salt!

                  Are you going to be in michigan all summer? I still havent seen your place and want to!
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                    Thats tits to the maxx
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                      wooooooooooooo update? shure!!

                      well read over my last post. and since then i got some koni yellow's for the front and got it all running tip-top and took it to my first track day at gingerman.

                      after i drove from Detroit and did a track day and drove back, the car decided to die on me again.. i dicked around with it , and when it didn't start for motorstadt, i decided it would be nice to kick the fuse box into little pieces..

                      then i grabbed all the stuff i need for an aba swap from the junkyard. and have been slowly putting that together.

                      tore it apart again, and now it will have a full aba, but with..

                      mild port job,
                      5 angle valve job
                      268 TT cam
                      new guides and seals and lifters
                      slight decking
                      euro exhaust mani
                      TT euro dual outlet down pipe

                      today nick came over and we torqued the head down, and installed the cam as well

                      mmmm head.

                      im excited, geoff did the head work for me, it was supposed to be for my mk2, but that never happened, i cant wait to drive it and see what it will be like, i know its nothing crazy like a turbo or anything, but this is my first motor ive ever done any work to.

                      goal is to get it running and then look into a chip for it as well, and perhaps an adjustable timing gear, as i was told that might be needed to tune in the power whare i need it.

                      83 GT
                      04 WRX Wagon


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                        sweet cory, it's good to see you're still making progress on this!


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                          haha nothing like your guy's rabbits, but its my fun make me laugh Lego go kart of doom and i love it!

                          wanna race? :)

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                            Car looks great.

                            Note to self: convince my wife to have a garage door installed in our living room.
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                              Looks good man. And yeah, thats an awesome place you have....garage door right into living room and all.
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