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Project DoKa Lifestyle "WIA" (UPDATE: 05.03.2010)

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  • Project DoKa Lifestyle "WIA" (UPDATE: 05.03.2010)

    As many of you know, I've been lusting after a T3 DoKa ever since I learned of their existence/availability. The first I ever really considered was a few years back. It was a 3-door, 2wd, gasser, but in really nice shape. I excercised my better judgement and refrained from pursuing it, opting instead to put the dream on the back-burner for a few years.

    Fast-forward to December 2007... While spending the holidays w/ my parents, visiting my brother in Seattle, I spent some time "window shopping" on the Samba for DoKa's. It seemed to me that most DoKa's in NA are in the PNW/BC area, so why not try to find one to take a look at if it's not too far away, right? Anyway... My search really didn't bear any fruit, except for a decent looking one that happened to be in Sarnia. After returning home, I talked a friend of mine into making the short drive across the border to take a look/test-drive.

    That particular specimen was closer to what I was looking for. IIRC, it was a '90 DoKa Tri-Star Syncro, w/ an aftermarket fiberglass cap. It was in decent shape, reasonably clean body, and very nice interior. The only thing really wrong w/ it was that it often popped out of 4th gear while driving. The price seemed a bit high, but was negotiable for repairs, or the parts to complete them. However, since I still had my beloved Toyotas, I again resisted the urge to purchase.

    Several months passed. My dream of a DoKa had once again been shelved, save for a few conversations of "wouldn't it be cool if...". I was finally able to sell/barter myself out of my Toyota fleet, and was pretty much minding my own business when two of my fellow MIVErs (you know who you are) ambushed me w/ PM's and emails about this fantastic DoKa they had found for auction on the Samba/eBay... This time against my better judgement, I clicked on the link to the ad and found this:

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    Vehicle Description

    I'm offering an exceptionally rare vehicle for sale. For those in the "know" these are the ultimate, for those that are curious please take the time to read all of the ad and learn why these trucks ARE the ultimate.

    1989 VW Syncro Tristar TDI:

    Mechanical Description:

    - 1.9L TDI Engine, AFN Engine Code, Model Year: 2001 Passat 110HP standard. Turbo Diesel. 50 TKM /30K miles on engine.

    - Upgraded ECM flashing/chip.

    - Aftermarket Air to Water Intercooler w/pump and aux. radiator.

    - Larger injector nozzles installed from 150 HP VW T4.

    - 130 HP currently -a very modest estimate

    - Full electronic swap incl. diagnostic port for OBD2- any compentent VW shop will be able to scan and clear codes if the need arrises.

    - Factory 5 spd syncro trans less than 30TKM on rebuild w/ taller

    - 5th gear for lower revs on highway

    - New clutch at that time.

    - New upgraded taller springs(Seikel) and shocks all around.

    - Newer brakes all around- all OEM new.

    - Pirelli Scorpion 235/75 R15 Tires in 75% or better condition.

    - New 15" stamped steel rims. Mefro brand. TUV approved.

    - Full TUV inspection in Germany in April 07.

    - Full MTO inspection in Ontario in September 07.

    - Rare factory T3 TD Syncro Instrument cluster w/ Tach.

    - Front and Rear Differential Locks.

    - All mechanical upgrades were done in Germany by the previous owner a Certified Master Technician and all modifications are TUV approved and listed on the original German title- a copy will be provided to the new owner.

    - Fuel economy approx. 30 mpg mixed driving.

    - TD syncro odo reading 50 TKM/30K miles previous owner indicated 120 TKM/75 K miles.

    - Overall rated condition 9/10

    Exterior Description:

    - Beautiful Orly Blue colour.

    - Full interior and exterior repaint 2 years ago carried to very high standards.

    - From northern Sweden above the arctic circle- little to no rust

    - No collision damage ever.

    - Westfalia factory fitted rear trailer hitch w/ trailer wire plug.

    - H4 E-code Headlamps with factory fitted nozzle sprayers.

    - LT Style mirrors, proper T3 units.

    - Super rare all aluminum NATO canopy. Repainted silver inside/out.

    - Also available are super rare factory aluminum gates in leiu of NATO cap.

    - Rare roof mounted pop top tent with removable ladder. Sleeps two comfortably.

    - Interior of bed area covered with factory aluminum diamond plate.

    - Tinted glass.

    - Some minor chips, scatches and a couple of little dings which are mostly unnoticable.

    - Overall rated condition an easy 8.5/10

    Interior Description:

    - Factory fitted buckets/ walk thru

    - Grey and Blue Alcantara- manmade suede leather interior which cleans up wonderfully. Please note the photos were taken with a borrowed digi camera and the interior photos colours aren't true to life. The blue in the photos appears purplish while in actuality it's a rather dark blue.

    - Quality made matching floor mats.

    - Rare fold down map table on dash with aux. light.

    - All Tristar specific pieces intact and in good condition.

    - Upgraded w/ Caravelle Power windows and central locking.

    - Am/fm CD Stereo- installed since photos were shot.

    - Non smoker.

    - Overall rated condition 9/10


    - I purchased this unit in Germany and flew over and picked it up there. I put approximately 2500 kms while there. It was a nice vacation! It drives superbly. Great power, solid brakes, & great visibility because it sits up nice and high. It gets stares anywhere I take it. It looks like an expedition vehicle according to eveyone who asks about it although it's not been abused off road. It'll cruise all day between 120-140 km/h (75-85 mph) with bouts to 160 km/h (100 mph) no issues with overheating, or uneasiness with instability either but it's also perfectly content to "buzz" around town too. The TDI engine is a very robust engine with excellent fuel economy. 30 mpg mixed city/highway is easily attainable. Although this truck has only had petro diesel run in it it's fully capable of running B100 Biodiesel or retrofitting a Waste Vegetable Oil kit to it especially with all the ample space in the treasure chest area.

    The truck will come clean, clear US registration. It was imported properly by a Registered Importer. No customs hassles to deal with as it's already taken care of.

    I would also like to note that I had to list the truck as a 1980 because eBay.com doesn't recognize WV2"ZZZ"24ZKG058614 -the 3 Z's in the original VIN a non North American VIN. Their system doesn't attempt to recognize VIN's from vehicles older than 1980 hence why I listed it as such or you wouldn't be seeing this auction! The truck is registered with it's factory assigned and applied VIN.

    I welcome both personal inspections as well as 3rd party inspections. Serious inquires please call (???)???-??? Rob.

    Fine Print:

    I have the truck listed locally and reserve the right to end the auction early. Although the truck is really wonderful condition it is 19 years old and isn't perfect. I've really strived to desribe all aspects of this truck the best of my ability but it's possible I've missed something so please ask before bidding if something isn't clear for you. No warranty expressed nor implied. This auction is a legal binding contract and I expect the high bidder to follow through with the purchase- please make certain your monies are all in order prior to auction end.


    Search verbage: Transporter, Doublecab, Double Cab, Crewcab, Crew Cab, DoKa, Doppelkabiner, Tri Star, Tristar, Syncro, Synchro, T3, T25, TDI, Turbo Diesel, Turbo Direct Injection Puch, WVO, SVO, Biodiesel

    On May-31-08 at 05:25:25 PDT, seller added the following information:
    Tristar TDI Update:

    Due to a number of very similar questions I decided it was prudent
    to update my ad.

    I hired the services of a US Registered Importer to handle all aspects of the import. The truck will come with US title and registration.

    To register it in your particular state I highly recommend conversing with your local DMV on the particulars of registering an out of state vehicle. Likely the only states where difficulties may arise are the CARB states.

    The engine mounting system used is a combination of factory components and purchased mounts from a well known German T3 supplier. The previous owner purchased both engine mounts, the charge air cooler as well as the drive by wire accelerator pedal assembly from them. These components retail for nearly $2K! This truck hasn't be
    scrimped on and it shows!

    Some eagle eyed people noticed there is an A/C compressor mounted to the engine. It's mounted as per factory and it's running a belt but no further provisions have been made to install A/C.

    There isn't a block heater currently installed although one could, be easily retrofitted. The truck has never had issues starting in sub zero temperatures we experience here in Canada.

    Standard 5 speed Transmission. 4 regular with 1 bull low.

    The little protrusions mounted below the headlights are factory equipped headlight washer units a standard fitment on Swedish

    Some have asked about seam condition. The truck was repainted approximately 4-5 years ago and has stood up very well, a solid indication of the quality of both the body and quality of the prep work. The only area where a very small amount of tiny bubbles are just starting is the passenger rear wheel well, the seam above it's quite insignificant and only noticable if you're looking for it.

    Lots of queries about the tent. The tent deploys rearward, it folds to 50% for stowage. There is an aluminum ladder to aid entry and egress. The mattress is standard density 4" foam. I find it comfortable but everyone's taste on bedding varies of course. The tent can be easily ,if so desired. I will negotiate a reduction in price with the purchaser if they do not wish to use it.

    Three days left. Best of lucking bidding!
    Needless to say I was drooling on the keyboard... This is the exact truck I'd been lookng for. In fact, I saw it @ Rob's place the day I drove the white one. I'd asked about it, but didn't have any idea he'd be selling it so soon.
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      Did you buy that!!?!?!????!?? Thats the coolest VW bus I've ever seen in my entire life seriously. wow!
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        Remember what I said about "better judgment" in the first post? Forget it. There's no such thing... After talking w/ Rob, and thinking for a few seconds afterwards, I decided to start bidding on it. Over the course of the auction I kep bidding higher and higher, always making sure I'd outbid my competition. Rob was kind enough to tell me his resrve price, so when I finally decided to commit myself to owning it, I was able to crunch some numbers, move some investments around, and find a way to finance the purchase.

        After the auction ended, we started to make arrangments to finalize the transaction. The auction ended the week before Motorstadt, and I dearly wanted to have it for a "surprise entry". Unfortunately, Rob had prior family commitments, and I was unable to pick it up until the following Tuesday (thanks 20bugsys).

        I've had it for a few weeks now, and since the title has yet to arrive, I've only driven it sparingly. As you can imagine, no matter where it's driven, people in cars and on the street rubber-neck and do double-takes. It's spawned a chain-mail inside the engineering group @ work, and even the folks who frequent PG on 8 Mile have stop to ask questions. It's been mistaken for a UNIMOG by a few, a "roach-coach" or a contractor's truck by others, and a few have said it reminds them of some "weird new Hummer".
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          You are a nutcase John. That is freakin' awsome though. What are you going to use that big cargo area for anyway? Would bikes fit in there?
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            Originally posted by zeeuwvw View Post
            You are a nutcase John. That is freakin' awsome though. What are you going to use that big cargo area for anyway? Would bikes fit in there?
            Yep... I'm a nut, but still not as crazy as my asshole neighbor.

            The cargo space will be used for whatever need arises. I've already schemed about several improvements worthy of an ultimate "tail-gate" vehicle. I've also sparked plans for an epic adventure where it would serve as a mobile support/service vehicle (a-la a Paris-Dakkar support truck). Other schemes include a loading deck/ramp in my yard to facilitate loading/unloading of any number of motorized vehicular entertainment devices...

            For now though, it'll probably serve as my tow vehicle for track-days, and a neat way to get around town evenings/weekends w/ the dogs. i don't have any immediate plans for "upgrades", but I do plan on doing something about the color of the Alcantara at some point...


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              Brad was nice enough to share his photos from it's secret "unveiling" a few weeks ago:


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                Originally posted by JohnnyB View Post
                Brad was nice enough to share his photos from it's secret "unveiling" a few weeks ago:


                I couldn't see the pictures from work, and I didn't know what a DoKa was. But that is quite possibly the most usable and badass utility vehicle I never knew existed. I'm jealous!

                in searching Google to figure out what it was... I came across this one which is also badass:

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                  that is so flippin sweet. it needs truck style tires

                  thats kind of how i feel about the fridolins


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                    That is awesome! Not only syncro but 4dr with a bed; so sweet!!!
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                      That thing is freakin sweet!
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                        that thing IS the business


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                          Wow i actually drove by your house today and saw it and ur corrado in ur drive. That thing is so clean and ya i did a double take followed by a slow ceep by.


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                            I don't know how you could call only 2 mivers an ambush. It was all in your head. You knew you had to have it.

                            I'm glad you finally let this out of the bag on the forum, but I think people are getting wrapped up in how cool it actually looks.

                            Are people realizing this is a TDI Conversion?

                            LOOK People! It's A TDI!!!!! With an Air/Water Intercooler. Friggen Bullet Proof!

                            It just doesn't get any better. Everything about this is solid. From weather seals to hose and wire routing, the detailing on this thing is amazing where it counts. The aluminum cap on the back is so air tight, it's hard to get the doors to close. I think when the world comes to an end, I'm going over to John's house...

                            Oh Yeah. It's worth mentioning that the DoKa Beeps when it backs up.
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                              Originally posted by JohnnyB View Post
                              i don't have any immediate plans for "upgrades", but I do plan on doing something about the color of the Alcantara at some point...
                              2009 | A4 Avant quattro | 2.0 TFSI.....2000 | GTI | AWD 1.8T.....1986 | Vanagon Syncro | Soon to be a 1Z TDI
                              1969 | Beetle | 1914cc Flat Four Air Cooled.....
                              1960 | Beetle | 36 HP | Maximum OG