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Project: Barebones MK1

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  • Project: Barebones MK1

    I thought I would start a new thread for this particular project. My first build thread has 1 to many cars in it and will still focus on my wagon, which at this point will recieve no new mods only maintanence.

    So I picked up a 1982 GTI from Zach (Phirephiter76) this past weekend. It need some parts and some attention in a few spots but I am glad to be working on somthing again. Plus this car has been around MIVE I am told.

    I will update on the plans as I more along. Now for some pics.

    Tucked away in the garage.

    The current engine bay. Firewall needs some work and the motor will be for sale soon. Going wither VR or 1.8t at some point.

    Car came with som extras.

    No spare tire well, going to weld a flat panel in place at some point.

    Pulled the rollbar out.

    Modified the rollbar, a part of it was missing and cut already I finished turning into a back cage/bar.

    Sanded the rust off the spare tire well lip and laid some temporary primer.

    Pulle the brake booster off and marked a few spots I may need ot weld some panels over. An made sure my Mil-spec connector had a spot. I am hoping to actually use it on this car.

    I will have my work cut out for me on this one, but I am looking forward to it putting myself into and turning out something nice...hopefully.
    11 Jetta SE
    82 rabbit GTI

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    Heck yea! Welcome to the mk1 club!
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    ...we all started out with the same tools dream it, build it, breathe it.


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      Heck yeah! Mk1's rule!!
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        Glad to see it getting some love. Also, mil spec. connector? Yes plz.
        91 Jetta 16v
        78 Transporter
        I have a fender roller. Contact me if you'd like to rent it.


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          Nice one..looks like a good base for sure.
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            -Nick V-
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              Thanks all, I am definitely a novice with these older VW's and you all have built something that really inspired me to do some other than a MK4 again. However I think I am decised on trying to get a 1.8t in this thing since I am familiar with them and would be a fun with a frankenturbo attached. Doing more work today and did some yesterday.

              The firewall needed and still need attention. It looked good but upon inspection there where some opend spots and plenty of bond used that started to crack. So I welded a flat bar across where the custom top firewall met the factory firewall to give it added strength. Then layed some seam sealer over it.

              Today I got the motor out (kinda a pain but not as bad as I thought it would be.)

              Then stared sanding the firewall. I am still working today so hopefully I will have a little more to show tonight.


              From last night

              Weled a few more panels for strength and to help cover some holes.

              Then layed some seam sealer to help keep out moisture.


              I layed some undercoating after the interior seam has dried. (I am going to run heatsheilding over the undercoating. It was just used for some form or rust protection.)

              Smoothed the welds on the external firewall and layed a thin layeyer of bond. Then hit it with some primer for now. I will seam seal the outer perimeter in the back and also run heatsheilding since the metal between a hot turbo and my legs is thin.

              11 Jetta SE
              82 rabbit GTI


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                Yay for 1.8t!
                DCC #0
                ...we all started out with the same tools dream it, build it, breathe it.


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                  Sweet! I was debating picking up that car for spares. Glad to see someone working to get it back on the road!
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                    Subbed. I love Mk1 builds!


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                      nice work! can't wait to see where this goes.
                      2001 Jetta 3.2 4-Motion (TRRRUNK)


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                        Looks good. Excited to follow this one.
                        Róža- 1989 Jetta GLI 16v


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                          Thanks guys, this thread will move slow of course. But small part update. Headed out this past weekend and had 4 stops. Met VWildVR6er in Davison and swap my fenders for his and bought a round front end headlights and grill.

                          Then drove to Rochester to meet Nowheat and got a free center and belt buckles (not pictured). Also met another member in Rochester and sold him my old GHL exhaust and finally got to Farmington Hills where Mike was dipping his AWD Jetta (wish I could have stayed to see it completed. But I picked up the interior wiring and pedals from him.

                          I mocked the breake booster in place and think it will fit for what I want to do. Maybe.

                          I picked up all the pedals and wiring thinking I may use it at some point. I know I want to convert to a hydraulic style clutch and the possibility of DBW is there with the 1.8t. But I am still considering a VR6 (prefferably from MK4 just to make it hard on me) But I have time to decide so I am not too worried about it. But I have parts to somewhat get me started somewhere so we will see.
                          11 Jetta SE
                          82 rabbit GTI


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                            Nice meeting you, man! Sam said he got the TS housings from you. Thanks for that!


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                              Got into some work on the rabbit this week. I have been putting some attention toward filling holes in the firewall however decided to focus on the front end.

                              Started with this...

                              Did some cutting, grinding and drilling...

                              Thern tacked the new front on...

                              Threw the fenders on to check fitment...

                              Fitment is not perfect as far as the mount poitns for the spot welds, so I will need to add some bracing in a few areas. But all in all it is not too bad. I also got a line on some fenders that are shaved and a little straighter. It will be nice to have a set of extras.

                              I also added not sealer to the interior once I got the steering column loose.

                              I decided to do a VR6 instead of the 1.8t, so I am on the hunt. The interior will still remain minimal or pretty much bare. I am hoping that the front end tuns out good and straight...so more work tomorrow maybe.
                              11 Jetta SE
                              82 rabbit GTI