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'82 Rabbit Pickup Resto

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  • '82 Rabbit Pickup Resto

    I'm starting this thread, as my first build thread ever, to give myself some motivation to get started on restoring my Rabbit pickup and along with everyone's normal demands for progress I should really get moving on this.

    I bought this running truck in Mississippi in July of 2013 for $1100 with '97,XXX' miles. I wanted to pay $1000 for it, but the owner insisted the extra hundred for the fuel pump they installed. I believe it spent most of its life down there as there isn't much rust on the body.

    Built in 1982, it sports the 1.7l gas engine and it came with a hack-job of wiring, rotted vacuum lines, an electricity draw and a very subpar interior. The color code, which I just found out, is LE1Z and is a color I couldn't be happier with for this truck and is also somewhat rare.

    I drove it for a month until I deemed it too unsafe/unreliable for myself to drive so I parked it for a few months until my dad came down and we trailered it back to Michigan, where it sits now, in a hangar.

    Over the course of the next year, mostly with all help from my dad, we located and bought parts for a complete restoration such as: engine, interior and body parts

    I initially tore out these awful seats, which were mounted in the truck by a custom redneck style bracket, in favor of a MK2 jetta seat so I could comfortably cruise around town.

    And yes those are vise grips, courtesy of the PO, used to operate the window.

    Unfortunately for the truck, it endured several quick fixes to keep it running, though the engine itself was still good.

    And the lovely A/C delete

    ...But none of this matters as it's all coming out, being repainted and getting a different power plant!

    The plan, hopefully:
    Engine: 1.8l 16v from '88 Scirocco
    Transmission: Recycling the current one, for now
    Interior: Black w/ OEM Recaro's
    Exterior: Late Westy front end, no bumpers and roll pans in the rear
    Paint: Keeping it the same
    Suspension: Front coils and rear axle flip
    Wheels: ATS Classics, Snowflakes, or Porsche Fuchs

    As it sits today

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    I plan to start dismantling it sometime tomorrow or saturday so be on the look out


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      Awesome. I am in for this.
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        Full of win.
        -Nick V-
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          #alh swap..
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            what did we do to deserve two caddy projects at the same time? This is going to be awesome.

            It looks and sounds like the PO was a hack of epic proportions. any time you see a wire nut on a car it's probably best to just gut everything and start over.
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              This should be fun to watch. Looks like a great starting point.
              Bad decisions make excellent stories.



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                Subscribed, I gotta see how this turns out!


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                    I like where this is going!
                    Ben Zeeuw
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                      Originally posted by n0ftInc View Post
                      #alh swap..
                      Sorry about the first reply - it prolly didn't make any sense.

                      Now, Stephen, .... "self-serving"
                      2002 Jetta TDI (216k), 2000 Golf TDI (432k), 1996 Passat B4V TDI (335k), 1977 BMW R100RS (166k)
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                        Very nice! I am a fan of that color. 16v will be nice in there
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                          In for progress :beer:
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                            Nice set of plans there



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                              I started removing stuff today in order to pull the engine, everything is off so far but the exhaust. Surprisingly the exhaust nuts started coming off very easily and was done with a simple wrench.

                              Here's where I'm at now:

                              The only problem I've found with the body is this hole right here

                              And here's the pile of valuable junk which is available to anyone that may need anything, except the headlights

                              Tomorrow I'd like to pull the exhaust, interior, remove the rest of the wiring and then get the engine ready to come out.