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  • Project Running Total 98 Golf

    Ok this is strange but I am positive I have a thread going on this car that I bought over a year ago from a fellow Miver, but I have spent an hour looking and cannot find it!
    So I am going to start over. This is a 1998 Golf mk3 4dr 5spd aka Running Total.
    The car was intended to be only a winter car to get me buy for work, it had rust all over, needed rear wheel bearings and brakes, the exhaust broken at the manifold down pipe, needed a battery and the list goes on. The plan was to make it driveable and use it like a truck.
    I had a good friend stop by and we had a beer one night while I was working on it and struck a deal, he needed a car when he came into town but didnt want to worry about it when he had to leave (which is frequently) so we agreed he would register and insure itand I would keep, service and use it when he was gone and he would cover a parts costs.
    Well that has worked fine although he has done more than buy maintenance parts. A lot more.
    I have meaning to update this project thread for months but as photos are what everyone wants to see, they are also not convenient to post , at least not for me.
    I have however, taken many photos along the way and will add them when I can.
    We knew the car needed a timing belt, plugs,etc., so I suggested he order some up whenever, and a few days the boxes came in, then some more, then some more.
    I am going to try to recall what all I have replaced to date: All tune up items including timing belt, h20 pump, battery,starter, alternator, K/N box filter, oil/filter, gear oil, brake fluid, pads rotors, rear wheel bearing, shoes, Koni struts, strut bearings with 2" lowering springs, control arms, tierods, subframes, BFI motor mounts, TT short shift, Momo leather steering wheel, TT power steering delet kit, A/C delete pulley and serpentine belt, alignment, 15" aluminum wheels and tires,front upper and lower stress bars, rear upper stress bar,TT ecu chip and 270 Cam , upgraded FPR, lifters/seals and phenolic gasket. It also just got a Raceland longtube header and complete 2/5 exhaust with magnaflow muffler. I still have a new TT lightened flywheel and clutch kit for whenever it needs a clutch.
    Along the way (and with much of his help) it lost a lot of weight. It no longer has any sound system, drivers airbag, rear wiper, spare,jack,center console, underhood insulation, rear insulation or door beams. It has a current weight of 2100 lbs.!
    So this basic winter beater has definately has a new and different second life.

    I will say the car is quite quick and can be easily thrown around, and will likely see some track time next year.
    I feel a lot more like I do right now than I did when I got here.
    1975 Scirocco / 2002 Forester / 1987 Cabby "Project Vertigloo"