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  • Project: BBX

    Hey all, if this looks familiar I posted it up in the aircooled area too, just differant header. But it is a project, so i decided to post it here too.

    BBX Stands for Blue Box eXpress. It was a name a friend of mine gave to the Bus, when his own BBX got totaled by a Drunk Driver, so I am carrying the name plate.

    OOOk. Well I am just aobut ready to start on the Bus, and Ive decided the first order of business would be to stop. I mean the brakes for those of you who didnt get the subtle joke. Anyway, Ive never dont brakes before, and i know the bus needs them badly. We rolled it down into the barn for the winter, and im glad we had the gate open, cause the Bus just kept on rolling. I know the Bus needs other things, like getting the floor welded up, and to have the body sanded, and whatever rust repair needs to be done, and it needs an engine in her, well Ive got an engine, but its in Penn. which I need to go get.....but thats besides the point. Does anyone happen to have a PDF document, or would anyone be willing to come down and help do it, I am thinking the whole linew and everything will need to be replaced, but then it might also just need fluid and to be bled, and to have new pads, so im not really sure.

    Also one thing I vowed I would never never do is Electrical, so, does anyone on here do electric work? The whole Bus needs to be gone through and redone, well at least the important things, like the lights, turn signals, and everything to make it legal. I think I am going to hold off on getting a watercooler, in order to get the Bus done for graduation (holy crap thats this freiking year) So anyone that could help would be appreciated, even if it is just a PDF document telling me how to do the Brakes. Oh yeah and I do have the Idiots guide. But I need to get the Chiltons manual for the Transporter. Thanks in advanced -- Tim

    Oh here is a picture of the Bus. Over all she is not in bad shape, just in need of some lovin, hardcore.

    And here is a picture of what she should look like when she is done:

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    Project: BBX

    Nice- man I love buses. I almost got one for free from a friends uncle, but it was in really really bad shape- Bees fricking everywhere. So my mom got me a small replica of one instead :roll:
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