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1993 Fox floor pans

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  • 1993 Fox floor pans

    Hi everyone! I decided to create an account based on the fact that I just can't find the answer I'm looking for right now. I've searched all over the internet and forums, but to no avail.

    I recently picked up a 1993 Fox Wolfsburg edition with the floor rusted out under the driver and passenger seats along the doors. I've been searching everywhere to find new floor pans, but don't see any specific to the model, or even the Fox at all.

    What I'm wondering is if I can use a pan from another year Fox or another vehicle, 1993, that would fit the Fox floor: Jetta, Golf, Cabrio? Or, am I just plain out of luck and need to just part it out?

    Another option would be to find another one cheap and just have extra parts, but more than likely to be affordable would just mean more rust problems.

    Any help would greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Moved into tech as it's not really a project thread. I'm not all that familiar with how the people end up getting the floor pans for their old VW's. I would have assumed have the people just cut them out of southern cars, or fabricate their own.
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      The floor pans for the fox are specific to that model. BTEK has a pretty solid fox wagon that could be had very cheap. you could cut the floors out of that.
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