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Mk2 problems

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  • Mk2 problems

    Mk2 gli 2.0 16v. Anyone want to come help me figure out what sensors I need for this thing? And to help me finish my wildwood "front" mk4 "rear" breaks? The only part I have not replaced it the proportion value on the rear beam. Won't bleed.
    I'm just west of Lansing.

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    Don't know much about MK2s but good luck!
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      I just realized, MIVE is back! And, not much traffic in this forum. :( I've got a picture of engine sensors and locations, but it seems I can't upload it. vanman9 what sensors in particular do you need to know?

      I've never had any problems bleeding the stock brakes on my Mk2 16V. I put it up on jackstands, and use the Motiv bleeder to lightly pressurize the system and push fluid through. If I'm really energetic I'll put a jack under a rear corner to raise the rear beam to activate the rear prop valve to let more fluid flow. (Rear prop valve is basically load/ride height sensing.)
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