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G60 cooling trouble

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  • G60 cooling trouble

    New pump and thermostat.
    I spent the extra money for the "good" pump with the full size brass impeller.

    Car was/is running about 220° F and the cooling fan doesn't seem to come on when it should.
    Lower radiator hose is cold, so i replaced the thermostat again.
    That didn't help.

    I unhooked both upper and lower hoses and stuck a garden hose in it to check for a clogged radiator.
    Flow through seems normal.

    Did I get a bad pump?
    I suppose I should see how much is flowing back to the overflow.
    My thought is the impeller in the pump is spinning on the shaft.


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    Could be air in the system preventing circulation.
    Bad decisions make excellent stories.



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      I suppose I should go through a thorough system burp to be sure that's not the issue.
      I have never really had an issue with it in the past. I can usually get it bled out easily by running it with the cap off and squeezing the hoses a few times.
      Probably prudent to be 100% sure though.


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        if the lower hose is cold it's probably air. My G60 is my least favorite to replace coolant in because of how hard it is to get the air out.


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          I've never had a problem with my G60..fill the system from both sides and let it run vented till it gets up to temp.
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            Like steve said, on the earlier 8v motors, I would fill the radiator and the block, then top off from the resivoir. run the car uncapped until it came up to temp, then cap and burp a few times adding coolant as needed.
            Bad decisions make excellent stories.