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  • New here intro and a question

    Hey everyone.. Ive been here a while but never realy posted much.. Mainly because i never had a dub well thats changed now.. I just got my first one.. A 85 golf 2 door.. I thought i would let you all know a little bout me.. Names Rick im 26. I live in Oxford. Im not much into speed but more into the looks aspect of it all. dont get me wrong I would love a 1.8t swap but dime for dime Id raher shave my handles or slam the ride.. I come from a mini truck background. I have always owned custom trucks. So being low and slow is fine by me.. Check out my project thread.. Project "blue turd" I will have some pics up tomorrow..

    Now my question.. Were are some good places to get parts.. online or around MI.. Ive found a few places so far. Are there any u-pick type places around that have dubs? Also are there any good mags for golfs? I found performance VW but i know there has to be more.. Thanks for any info.. Later Rick
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    welcome rick!

    you will find lots of good info on online parts distributors here: http://www.michiganvw.org/forum/showthread.php?t=16031

    but there is also steve's european which is one of our local sponsors, just give mike or fidel a call for your part's needs: http://www.steveseuropeanauto.com/

    Nick V. to the minitruck convert lounge please! :)

    again, welcome


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      If youe into mini trucks then you should get your self a Rabbit Pickup can't get any minier than that.
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        Welcome..Minitrucks..ahh minitrucks..I saw a minitruck video once..there were lots of boobies.

        Nice project name by the way.. ;)
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          Originally posted by n0ftInc
          Welcome..Minitrucks..ahh minitrucks..I saw a minitruck video once..there were lots of boobies.
          .....and the trucks hop up and down.
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            Whats up Rick. If you are looking for magazines check out PVW (you already mentioned) Golf +, eurotuner (not everyones favorite but it works). Air ride is sweet. Scrape stuff. Welcome :thumbsup:
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              welcome aboard. i'm the other resident former minitrucker.

              That being said.. there's not much hotter than a dumped out mk2 Golf so you got a good car to work with for a dub cruiser.

              Welcome aboard. Hope we can help you out along the way.

              I'm still holdin on to my minitruckin' roots and i'm slowly working on a rabbit truck to mix the two styles, but it's been neglected and just sitting for a few months now. I'll get back on it someday. drrrrr. maybe this winter after the wedding.

              obligatory pic of my old truck.....

              and the new project...

              as for mags... Matt already mentioned all that I was going to mention. PVW is typically my favorite.
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                "the golf" is pretty good to, if you can find it anymore


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                  Welcome! Can't wait to see the progress. I think you should go for lowest dub in the club status :)
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