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Anyone else getting spam off Craigslist?

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    Anytime guys!


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      Originally posted by bananaslug613 View Post
      It's perplexing how bad my jaw hurts right now. I am stunned.
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        My new approach:

        They said:

        I see the item you were selling in detroit.. I live there too, and I, too had been doing
        the same thing since our economy was ruined.. About 3.5 months
        ago, it was terrible, but I had to sell my little boy's Nintendo Wii
        to pay our bills and it was certainly the lowest point in my life.
        Just saying it made me ashamed wouldn't even describe it properly,
        but I had not choice but to make the house payment or we
        would be homeless (we were already a couple of months behind).
        Thank the Lord that'll be the last time I'll have to
        hurt my kids like that.

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        Oh, here is the link: http://lnk.ly/7gp

        Take great care, and God Bless

        I said:

        Hello Take great care, and God Bless

        I am sorry, but the item in DETROIT is no longer for sale, because I have made a ton of money working at home!

        I am sooooo happy because I no longer need to sell my possessions in order to make ends meet!

        You can too!

        I was so happy that someone shared this information with me, I feel it is only right to share it with others to bring them great amounts of joy!

        Here is a web address with more information!


        Take great care, and may the Lord bring you lots of love and MONEY!

        I'm sure all of these accounts are automated, and I doubt that there's someone out there foolish enough to use a personal account for this kind of thing. My thought is that if the spam accounts keep getting messages back indicating that they are doing nothing more than emailing spammed posts; and say it happens en mass, won't it eventually not be viable for them to even bother?
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