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$100,000,000 of MI taxpayer money goes to...

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  • $100,000,000 of MI taxpayer money goes to...

    Here is a bill which will provide $100,000,000+ in subsidies to a single entity in Muskegon.


    The company that will benefit:

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    And that company does what?
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      "additional credit for advanced battery manufacturing" Automotive sector... jumping in on some of the alternative drivetrain/green energy tax credit opportunities.

      Muskegon needs jobs bad. Hope it pans out.

      I also disagree with the title.. Michigan Tax payers are not "Giving" $100,000,000 to this company as I read it... it's operating as a tax credit, which as I understand will give a big "tax break" window to provide incentive for them to locate in Muskegon which means Michigan will not collect $100,000,000 in tax money that they theoretically would have otherwise collected had the incentives not been in place.

      Compared to the 0 jobs they have there now, and the $0 of taxes they're currently paying to Michigan, it would seem to me a net positive for the area, as it will bring construction jobs, long term jobs, etc. to the area, which will include taxable revenues and employment opportunities across the board.

      I wish a US based company would get their isht together and go after these opportunities, but I'll settle for foreign companies landing in Michigan (like my employer) to at least provide jobs and opportunities for area residents.

      Dave, are you for or against a tax credit to lure this business to the region?
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        Their website rocks..
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          Originally posted by n0ftInc View Post
          Their website rocks..
          yeah it does. :bowdown:
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            Originally posted by n0ftInc View Post
            Their website rocks..
            mad creative geniuses at work!!!
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