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The '64 Impala SS Resuce

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  • The '64 Impala SS Resuce

    Hey Mivers!

    Long time no see. I recently completed a photoset focused on a group of hardy men from upstate New York. A man named Terry Warner had attended a garage sale at this humble house in Wells, NY. He stumbled about the 64 in the garage and bought it for something around $1000. We happened to stop by and I grabbed my camera to document the process of pulling this beast from it's resting place since 1972. They also had a 1929 Dodge hidden in the same garage. So if you like old Chevy's and early '00's dodges take a peek and let me know what you think.



    Keep it Taut by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    1929 Dodge Interior by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    I Just Blue Myself by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    Onto the Trailer by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    The Rear by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    Minds at Work by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    1929 Dodge by Tom Irwin, on Flickr

    If you wanna see more click on the pictures above or hit this link.
    - Tom -

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    Nice..I'll take both.
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      Please post up pics of the '64 as it gets restored.
      I almost pulled the trigger and bought a red one that needed very little work back in '96 or '97. Kind of kicking myself for that one. I had a built Corvette 327 ready to install.
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        Your friend Raven
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          Great moment capturing!
          I feel a lot more like I do right now than I did when I got here.
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            That's awesome. One of my all time favorite cars. Great shots man.
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