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Fun old bus & beer photos eh!

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  • Fun old bus & beer photos eh!

    I was at the family camp in da U.P. this past week and whilst relaxing on the small beach with my favorite cocktails (beer) I pulled out some of the camp photo albums. I was delighted to find these jewels and new right away that they needed to be shared with the Mive community.
    The VW buses shown in the pics were to transport "supplies" to camp for the duration of the stay, and check out the supplies! The one pic is in front of the Doran Brewery in Sault St Marie in 1976.
    The bus with the door open is from oue family dealership in Marquette and was the courtesy van, it said "Happy days are here again" on the sides, the other two vans were from Import Motors who was the VW distributor located here in Grand Rapids.
    I was not allowed to go on this trip cuz I was only 13 at the time but these photos just crack me up!

    I feel a lot more like I do right now than I did when I got here.
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    Super awesome..I love when you post this stuff!
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      very cool. I will never forget my old mans VW bus we had when I was a young kid. good memories for sure